Diversity Thunder Bay

Diversity Thunder Bay consists of groups and organizations concerned about the issues of diversity and racism in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The members have cooperated over the years on a variety of initiatives and committees. Diversity Thunder Bay was established as a result of the need to re-evaluate the effectiveness of our community's anti-racism initiatives and to collectively address the issue of racism. Racism has effects on some of the community's most vulnerable residents, and is a real cost to the community as a whole.

Over the past 15 years a number of initiatives have been implemented. These initiatives range from the March 21st International Day Against Racial Discrimination, June 21st Aboriginal Day Celebrations, and Heritage Days, to advisory committees, policy making and anti-racism education.

Eventually, a vision of a new body working from a more permanent, year-round basis developed. Diversity Thunder Bay, organized in 2000, is that new body. The Diversity Thunder Bay coalition consists of representatives from many organizations, spanning business, education, political, multicultural and other sectors.

Diversity Thunder Bay conducted a survey of race-relations, racism and discrimination between September and December 2001. The study was called "A Community of Acceptance: Respect For Thunder Bay's Diversity."

The Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee

The Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee endeavours to serve its community, including all the area residents and visitors, in the belief that all people are equal. In an effort to promote the health of the community, facilitates change through cooperation, education, personal example and timely input, focusing on systemic issues using an organized strategic approach.

The committee provide forums to increase understanding, and resources for education, advocacy, justice, and equal opportunity. It encourages, develops, and supports initiatives, programs and activities that promote respect, understanding, acceptance and cooperation in the community.

The Committee has also facilitated the formation of the Sioux Lookout Multicultural Youth Group, and a project called "Pis-ka-pii-win": Empowerment and Healing Through Rediscovery. This project will establish a cultural outdoor education camp in Sioux Lookout to provide aboriginal youth with opportunities to acquire traditional knowledge, develop closer connections to elders and the land and learn cultural teachings. Youth recognize that this will help them to re-discover and respect themselves, thereby helping to address pressing problems of youth substance abuse and suicide as a result of the multi-generation affects of residential schools.

Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee
Box 1194, Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T1B7
Telephone: (807) 737-1501

Diversity Thrives Here! Sudbury

The Mayor’s Community Working Group on Diversity began meeting in June 2002. The group expanded its membership with six volunteers from the reporting session, and with city staff, members of a CAO’s policy working group. The group oversees coordination of a diversity project in Sudbury and gives direction to the project coordinator.